Molly the Cow Rescued, Given Sex Partner — But Questions Remain!


Molly, the cow (actually a calf) who escaped her Queens slaughterhouse yesterday, has been placed in protective custody by the city’s Animal Care and Control department at a farm in Suffolk country. We are told it is an organic farm, which at first led us to believe Molly would eventually become free-range beef, but the farm’s owners say she will be allowed live out her natural lifespan, “eat some good organic hay and hang around with a lot of her friends,” and have sex with a steer named Wexler*.

Molly’s owner, Musa Halal of Beaver Road in Jamaica, is said to have voluntarily signed her over to the city agency — which we find suspicious, given that beef cows can be worth over $1,000. Slaughterhouses are not hotbeds of philanthropy. Was there some shady business involved? Did Musa Halal give Molly as a payoff for unnamed crimes — or is there some quid pro quo, like a lenient health inspection? We attempted to contact Musa Halal, but its voice mailbox was full. Photo (cc) Kevin. No, it’s not Molly; oh, yeah, like you would know the difference.

*Update: As a reader points out, Wexler the steer, being castrated, cannot be the “new boyfriend” to whom her custodians refer in the Times story, unless he is remarkably talented; the real BF is left unnamed, perhaps in respect to Molly’s privacy.