New York Democrats Woo Voters with Websites


Our politicians haven’t been achieving much legislatively, but they’re very busy with web development. The New York state senate has unleashed a new website devoted, they say, to “the best communication though all our social networks of any state legislature in the country.” What this means is propaganda from the majority leader (“Legislation will fundamentally change the way the MTA operates and prevent devastating fare hikes and services cuts”), and links to eerie videos of same and to exciting Web 2.0 bureaucracy. But you can still get to the bills and calendar that were available at the old, less promotional site.

Kirsten Gillibrand’s also webbing it up with a Conversations with Kirsten site, which features a video in which the new Senator tells us she made the site to “give you a chance to ask me the tough questions.” The still little-known Senator is very big on listening, as she showed in this recent appearance in a western New York supermarket, where she learned that on the economy, “People are making decisions — they’re buying different groceries, for example; they’re buying less.” You can send her a comment in writing or by video, and we dearly hope she will reproduce them. We’re thinking of sending her this one above just to see what she says.