That’s Just Manny Being Suspended: Ramirez Out 50 Games for Juicing


Well, now we’re sorry the Yankees didn’t get Manny Ramirez this year. Along with the controversies around A-Rod’s alleged steroids and sign-tipping, Joba Chamberlain’s meth-dealing-charged mom, unsellable premium seats, and lousy treatment of fans, imagine them dealing with Manny’s new 50-game suspension for using a banned performance-enhancing drug. On the bright side for fans of the Dodgers’ star, the substance doesn’t appear to be steroids — he says he was taking an as-yet-unrevealed drug that a doctor prescribed for a “personal health issue” — and sports nerds are already speculating on what it was. The Dodgers will call up Xavier Paul from triple-A to sub for Ramirez while he sits. Photo (cc) pvsbond.

Update: They’re saying the substance was human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) — not a performance-enhancer per se, but part of a suite of products juicers often use; hCG helps mitigate some effects of steroids, such as shrunken testicles. It is normally used to help women overcome infertility, and by people suffering from pituitary disorders. Naturally this has raised some suspicions among sportswriters (“Either Manny Is a Woman, Or He Was on Some Sort of Steroids Cycle”).


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