‘Times’ Loves Good-Looking Rich Guy, Surprisingly


Today, the New York Times, as is its way, once again featured a super-rich person in an extremely favorable light in its Home section. The article was yet another of those Timesian articles on how the economy is hurting all these poor little rich folk. Remember the one about all those abandoned yachts and sailboats washing up on shores?

This time the subject was Bob Novogratz, a multi-millionaire relative of a hedge fund magnate who renovates houses and turns them into luxury pads.

Readers of the Voice will remember Novogratz from our recent youth basketball story. In a Manhattan version of taking your ball home, he was the guy who pulled his talented 12-year-old son out of a local elite youth basketball program, lured several of his son’s teammates away and used his money to start his own high-level hoops program. Of course, the Times doesn’t mention any of that.