Twittering Is Now In The Toilet


According to Shmuly Tennenhaus, Twittering is often done on the crapper, which provides the proper quality time for such an important venture. And that’s why he’s created Twishitter, a cutting edge service designed for effortless and impactful toilet twittering. I suspect the whole thing is a joke, especially since he’s the guy who last year founded “Rabies for Obama.” But read the following mission statement and judge for yourself whether he’s a twit who’s full of shit.

    “Let’s face it, millions of people are twittering; and when does everyone have the time to update their Twitter accounts? According to a recent independent study, over 25% of all tweets are twooted via twitter whilst the twitterer is on the twoilet. If some of your good friends who are twitter addicts and are constantly disappearing for prolonged periods of time at many intervals during the day, now you know why.

TwiShitter is the first ever micro blogging service that is fully transparent by calling a spade a spade. We know where you’re twittering from. It’s fine. We accept you. It’s 2009. We’ve progressed from the early days when reading a newspaper in the bathroom was considered taboo. So come out of the closet and stay in that stall, and join the TwiShitter conversation.

As of now, TwiShitter has not raised any venture crapital funds.”