Wesleyan Student Shooter Arrested


Stephen Morgan, the man police say shot Wesleyan student Johanna Justin-Jinich to death Wednesday in the bookstore where she worked, has been arrested. The Hartford Courant says Morgan called 911 today to surrender; Meriden, Connecticut cops nabbed him shortly thereafter. It is thought that Morgan, disguised in a wig, came to the counter of Broad Street Books in Middletown and gunned Justin-Jinich down. He was questioned at the scene by local cops, but they let him go. Later they realized his connection to the victim and tracked down his car, inside which they found Morgan’s diary, outlining his plan to rape and murder Justin-Jinich. She and Morgan both attended NYU a few years ago, during which time Justin-Jinich brought a complaint against him for threatening emails and phone calls. There was some indication Morgan doesn’t like Jews, either, of which the local Jewish community was warned while he was still at large, and the Wesleyan campus has been all but deserted since the shooting.