What Would You Ask American Idol Cast-Off Allison Iraheta?


Last night, Allison Iraheta got the Daughtry treatment and became the fourth-place cast-off on Season 8 of American Idol. The last girl standing, Allison is the most successful “rocker chick” in the history of the competition, outlasting all the Amanda Overmyers and Amy Adamses and Gina Glocksens of the world, though still never fully winning over viewers. Allison frequently found herself in the Bottom Three and received indifferent comments from the judges; like all past rocker-chick contestants, this 17-year-old’s soaring performances and smokey voice were, to my mind, just misunderstood.

Today’s media conference call for the eliminated contestant is the first one I dialed into all season. I wanted to ask Allison what her theory was on why the voting public just didn’t get her, why rocker chicks never make it on the show, and what the heck she went through in her life to make her sing like a Holocaust-surviving version of Patty and Selma Bouvier. But sadly, I never made it out of the queue. Instead, Allison was faced with queries about Simon, Kara, song choice, how she got along with the boys, the usual blah blah blah. A few of the very few highlights.

On her duet with Adam Tuesday night: Allison and Adam chose to pair themselves together–not the producers–and they plan to sing “Slow Ride” on tour.

On the boys in the house: “They would pick on me. Say they were having an argument, I’d be like, ‘Yeah!’ and they’d say, ‘You stay out of this, you’re only 12 years old.'”

On this week’s mentor: “When I heard it was Slash, I was like, ‘Oh my god I can’t wait to meet him.’ I’ve been a fan for so long. I got to sing while he was playing for us. One of the best mentors we’ve had hands down.”

On her farewell performance: ” It’s funny ’cause I was crying and I was singing a song called ‘Cry Baby.'”

What would you ask Allison if you had the chance?