Dispatches From the Not Terribly Successful Junior Boys Show


So the Junior Boys fete last night at Webster Hall was somewhat of a debacle. Specifically, massive equipment failure forced them to abort almost every song they attempted to play, amid mild booing and a far stronger current of audience sympathy. A half-hour in they gave up, told everyone to keep their tickets, and promised to return. At a rescheduled date far off in the future, they meant. Gig’s over.

Thus, in lieu of the show review Piotr Orlov intended to write for us, we instead offer dispatches from his Twitter account, with added clarification.


Junior Boyz 1: false start, Caddyshack.

Junior Boyz 2: helvetica, insexy unlike Lidell, singalong

Junior Boyz 3: heartbeat yeah, pussiest version, unpussy it

(Afterward, Jeremy Greenspan called it the “pussiest version we’ve ever done of the song, now we’re gonna try to unpussy it.”)

Junior Boyz 4: false start 2, fr’eals? Yep, take short break

Junior Boyz 5: prayer, acceptance, false start 3

(This is how Jeremy describes his state of mind between false starts.)

Junior Boyz 6: “just play the CD and turn it up loud, that’s all you gotta do”

(A suggestion from the audience)

Junior Boyz 7: Yay, a house beat a shadow, no one hurt and a roar for the fight-back

(“People were definitely on their side to make it work — not a lot of boos.”)

Junior Boyz 8: a groove > false start 4

Junior Boyz 9: held together with tape, fist in the air, just like the Arsenal

(“The people really cheered the one song they did that had decent sound and did not fail.”

Junior Boyz 10: Deeeelay > false start 5 > keep year tickets

Signing off from Junior Boyz @ Webster Hall w/the final score JBs 0, Electronic Mice 5

These poor guys. We leave you with a dispatch from their MySpace page explaining the incident:

i’m backstage at webster hall. we had to cancel the performance midway through. we did everything we possibly could to fix the broken sampler and even use our backup sampler which was broken as well.

i’m thinking of the smiling faces of the people in the audience, who warmly applauded our every effort, and who even smiled at us when we announced that we couldn’t continue. who stayed through so many interruptions and whose enthusiasm gave us hope for a great show.

also the warmth and helpfullness of the crew and staff at webster hall, who did everything they could to help us out…..

we simply couldn’t go on and give a completely substandard performance. but we promise that everyone who came out, who bought tickets can use them for a future performance….we will see to that…..

thank you all for your incredible patience,
we love you,