Do You Care Which Condiment Obama Likes on his Burger?


Unless Obama likes a sauce made of creamed babies, or perhaps a garnish of fried puppy ears, you probably feel that he should dress his burger how he pleases. But you may have heard of this insane thing called “Dijongate.” To whit: Obama went to a burger shop and ordered his burger with Dijon mustard. Let me remind you that Dijon mustard is elitist!

The fact that Obama likes spicy mustard on his burger has gotten Sean Hannity very excited, as you can see above. In the clip, Obama actually says, “Do you have a spicy mustard or something like that, or a Dijon mustard…” This causes Hannity much righteous amusement. “Ketchup doesn’t cut it for the president,” says Hannity, and goes on to call mustard “a very special condiment.” Whoa now. I hope he never comes across Russian dressing. He concludes the segment with, “I hope you enjoyed that fancy burger Mr President.”

Well, I was going to ignore this dust-up over mustard on the Presidential burger, because truly, it is inane. But today I was reading Legal Insurrection, a right-wing blog by a Cornell law professor who started writing about the mustard scandal early on, writing that ordering the mustard was “arugula-like,” and “Obama ordered his burger with DIJON MUSTARD! Bet he had to seek John Kerry’s counsel on that.”

Yesterday, the law professor put a post up that explains to us why Obama supporters are so obsessed with the story. (No, it’s not Fox News, okay?)

“The nutroots [nutroots=progressives, I gather] doesn’t [sic] know who Barack Obama is anymore than I do, and anything which fills in the void in a negative way is viewed as a threat. This void in Obama’s story leaves the Democratic hold on power vulnerable. One disastrous photo-op, open mike, or tape recorder left running, could puncture the Democratic bubble…Which is why the mainstream media and nutroots need to protect Obama’s image.”

This is all very circular reasoning: You accuse Obama of being “arugula-like” for ordering mustard on his burger. The rest of the world says “WTF?” Now you accuse us of being obsessed with the story.

This all goes back to “We don’t know who he is!” “The void in his story”–read: he’s a secret Muslim, a Socialist, or both.

It’s interesting how various foods have taken on political significance–arugula, spicy mustard, sushi and lattes are all thrown around as symbols of leftist, urban elitism. Why is that? Arugula, the most freighted of them all, is simply a green, grown in the USA, that might be slightly more expensive than spinach. Anyone might enjoy it, or not, regardless of party affiliation. I suspect most of this is bound up in class issues, or anxiety over immigration (foreign food) or a longing for a simpler time (simpler for white males).

To be fair, it also probably has to do with people who are lucky enough to live close to (fairly affordable) farmers’ markets condemning cheap, mass-produced food, which might be all more rural, less affluent families have access to, or can afford.

Regardless, tearing into the President because he puts mustard on his burger just makes you look insane.