From The Archives: I Dressed Like The Pope For Madonna!


I was just google-imaging myself, as I do about every two and a half minutes, and I came up with this de-gorgeous shot of moi at Madonna‘s Industria bash for her illustrious Sex book way back in 1992. I dressed as the Pope–just to have some serious clerical presence there–and carried a Madonna shopping bag while accessorized by a large replica of the Rolling Stone cover of Sinead O’Connor, which I’d ripped in two and dutifully taped back together again.

Explain, Michael? Well, Sinead had become infamous for ripping up a photo of the Pope on SNL, so this was some kind of wacky reversal on all that, especially since I seem to remember Madonna having disapproved of Sinead’s attention-getting antics. (Hmm. Hello, pot.) Anyway, it all made sense at the time, and I vividly recall Madonna’s publicist murmuring to the star, “Look, Madonna. Michael Musto’s dressed like the Pope!” I was too afraid to look for Madge’s reaction, but I would imagine she appreciated my act of humorous sacrilege.