Hey Throw a Little Money Fluxblog’s Way


Take a second here to ponder how many MP3s you’ve downloaded from Fluxblog in the past seven years: 500? 1,000? Is there an entity in the Internet-critic ether more justified in doing a little fund-raising? Good. I’m glad we agree. Sir Matt Perpetua is offering sweet Catbird-designed T-shirts for $20/$22 at the moment, or accepting smaller (or larger! Annie alone owes this dude a fortune) donations. The pitch:

If Fluxblog means anything to you, this is the time to show your support. Maybe you’ve found some of your new favorite bands. Maybe you’re in a band or work for a label that I’ve given positive coverage. Maybe you’re a fan of the writing. Maybe you just think I’m a good dude. If you ever wanted to give something back, now is the time.

I mean shit, his Telepathe set list (scroll down) is worth $10 at least alone…