“Maine,” by Michael Feingold and Jerry Herman


(As is his wont, our theater critic Michael Feingold has written new lyrics to a show tune to honor the latest American state to get gay-married. Tune supplied in the Angela Lansbury 1983 revival footage above. Feel free to sing along! — ed.)


lyrics by Michael Feingold

(with sincere apologies to Jerry Herman)

You made a same-sex marriage legit, Maine!

You told us we were legally fit, Maine!

You said you won’t be prejudicial,

Read judicial sense into the law,

You showed equality to be

The quality without a legal flaw!

You turned each wedding into a feast, Maine!

Just watch those couples heading Down East, Maine!

From old Fort Kent to Bangor

No anger will be heard in this refrain:

We love your mines and woollen mills,

Your ski slopes with their rocks and rills,

Your license bureaus give us thrills, Maine!