Mayor Wants Ground Zero Summit


Mayor Bloomberg is sick of this lollygagging at Ground Zero, and he wants a sitdown with developer Larry Silverstein — and the governors of New York and New Jersey, who share responsbibility for the Port Authority ,which owns the site — to git ‘r done. Sheldon Silver also wants action: “I am fed up with the stalling and exasperated with the current state of the World Trade Center project,” he says. Silver and Governor Paterson concur that, in Paterson’s words, “the public should not be the ones taking on all of the risk for private development,” which is nice, because we the taxpayers have nothing left to give. But Silverstein’s got less than a billion dollars to build the three towers he contracted to erect, and there’s still a high vacancy rate (about 12 percent) downtown. One WTC has only ten stories done, and they only just now poured the concrete for the September 11 memorial. So what are these guys going to decide that will expedite the process? “Call the summit just in time for the election,” says a disgusted commenter at the Staten Island Advance. “Another good job by KING BLOOMBERG.” Photo (cc) Cebete.