Now O’Reilly Is After Me Personally!


Dwindling demagogue Bill O’Reilly has it out for me! The incredibly sensitive feminist-cum-loofa-enthusiast doesn’t like the way people like me have been ragging on the semi-nude-modeling boob-implanted moralist known as Carrie Prejean. I don’t watch O’Reilly’s car wreck of a show, which is famous for him talking over his guests so he can make himself win, but a friend was flipping the channels last night and caught him calling me (and others like Janeane Garofalo) “fanatics” using “vicious rhetoric”! He feels we’ve been lowering the bar on discourse!!!!!!

Bill O’Reilly calling someone else a vicious fanatic who lowers the bar on discourse? Hello, pot? And couldn’t the same term be applied to Carrie “gays shouldn’t have equal rights” Prejean herself?

Meanwhile, what other hilariously ironic epithets lay in my future?

Bernie Madoff calling me a slimy con artist?

The Craig’s List killer saying I’m too rough with women?

Phil Spector declaring me a misogynist with bad hair?

Joe Biden calling me a drama queen?

Bring it on, folks. I look forward to the laughs!