Obama’s Condiment Choice Criticized; Roquefort To Remain Legal and Untaxed


August Martin High School in Jamaica now has a student-run restaurant on campus. The Cook’s Cafe has students cooking for and serving faculty and staff, as well as planning the menu and balancing the budget.
[NY Daily News]

The European Commission and the US have reached an agreement that lifts the threat of a ban on Roquefort cheese, Spanish jamon and Italian sparkling water. In return, the US can now export triple the amount of non-hormone-treated beef to the EU (although we are still allowed to eat hormone-treated beef here in the good ol’ US of A).
[Wall Street Journal]

Chewing your food has always been considered good manners. A new study says it may also help us absorb nutrients and feel full. Using almonds as the test food, those who chewed longer absorbed significantly more healthy unsaturated fat.
[PR Newswire]

Molly the angus cow, who escaped a Queens slaughterhouse, has been taken to a farm in Calverton, LI, where she will live rather than being made into meat.
[NY Post]

Fox News’ Sean Hannity managed to find fault and humor in President Obama’s request for “spicy” or “Dijon” mustard on his cheeseburger, a condiment he referred to as elitist.
[Huffington Post]