Quick Hits – 5/8/2009


Well, it is a nice shot, but $329,000 is a little over our standard freelance rate. Best of luck, Luis Caldera.

Great medical PR headline of the day: “Overeating to blame for U.S. obesity epidemic.”

The face transplant lady still loves her husband, who shot her face off.

Brownsville Recreation Center has a job fair: 4,000 people show, three times as many as expected.

On the other hand: “A woman should NEVER settle. The recession will pass. And if you hold on, your Mr. Big will sweep you off your Manolo Blahnik feet!”

Betsy Gotbaum warned the Secretary of Education not to trust Joel Klein’s reports too much.

Dolly Parton received an honorary doctorate from the University of Tennessee.

We love the Staten Island Advance: “Staten Island girl safely lowered from tree.”

Don’t fuck with Ms. Heather, New York Post; we grow ’em up tough in Greenpoint.