Runnin’ Scared’s DeSio to Work for New Bronx Beep


John DeSio — veteran reporter for many local pubs including New York Press, the New York Sun, and the Voice, and frequent contributor to Runnin’ Scared — has slipped the surly bonds of journalism and will serve new Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. as communications director. He is currently transitioning and will take his new post in about a month. We will miss his fun-filled, two-fisted reporting on Bronx politics, literature, Scientology, and especially his slice-of-life essays on gamers lined up for a video game, a snuggie pub crawl, and such like. And we will always be grateful for his historic interview, “Ted Nugent to New York: Fuck You.”

We approached him for a statement but, true to form, John declined to comment and headbutted us, so we are running this ridiculous photo of him in Las Vegas.