The Blogroll Gazette–KFC Kerfuffle Ruffles Feathers & In-N-Out to Come to NYC?


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Chowhound aims to answer the question of hot to deal with “restaurant food gawking,” that is when fellow diners star hungrily at your food.

Eat Me Daily reacted to the recent Gourmet piece on Alice Waters, denouncing the author for defending the slow food maven by “glossing over and avoiding some major points that have been raised in the past,” such as cooking an egg in her firepit on 60 Minutes while criticizing the spending habits of the average joe.
[Eat Me Daily]

Josh Ozersky highlights an LA Times article on In-N-Out Burger considering going national, saying that should the West Coast chain go ahead with an nationwide expansion, it would “very likely lose its soul.”
[The Feedbag]

The Food Section was among those to post on the Oprah KFC debacle in which the Queen of Daytime was accused of causing riots by giving away coupons for grilled chicken, as well as being lambasted for promoting the chain after “all that work she had done recently to expose what truly goes on for (industrially famed) chickens.”
[The Food Section]

Eater hears from The Villager that Florent Morellet is looking in Manhattan for a new space to replace the beloved Florent diner that closed last year.
[Eater via Villager]

Fresh, a new anti-industrial farming documentary, will be screened at NYU’s Cantor Film Center later this month and Dan Barber will speak at the screening. A series of promotional dinners associated with the film is slated.
[Grub Street]

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