The Week in Twisted Family Values


Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was revealed to have done semi-nude photos, which added to the bizarreness of her rabid anti-gay-marriage stance. Here’s a fake-titted ex-stripping “model” who gets on a high horse and preaches “opposite” marriage. I still feel Prejean shouldn’t be dethroned, though. Her dumb opinion is protected by free speech, and as far her photos, the pageant recently paid for her implants! How mad can they be about her being an exhibitionist?

Adding to the messy headlines, John Edwards proved that hypocrisy is not the exclusive domain of the Republicans. His wife, Elizabeth Edwards, went on Oprah to talk about the pain of finding that her husband wasn’t getting all those nice hairdos for her sake. Still, she’s doing a Hillary and standing by the guy, and Carrie Prejean is probably thinking, “See? Opposite marriage does work.”

And finally, Bristol Palin became some sort of teen pregnancy spokeperson, proving once and for all that those who can’t, do. If only mama had only let her have an abortion, they could have avoided this impossibly awkward situation. Now the Palin family values have tumbled like a house of cards, leaving a single mom fighting bitterly with her ex as he keeps trying to expose their contradictions. And Carrie Prejean is probably thinking….NOTHING! The woman is NOT THINKING A THING!