American Journalist Released from Iranian Prison


It is great news that the Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, recently arrested and convicted in Iran on what appear to be bogus charges, including spying, has been released. The Iranians, doubtless under U.S. State Department pressure, commuted her sentence from eight years in prison to two years’ probation. Apparently she will not need to report to an Iranian probation officer, and is welcome/encouraged to leave the country.

Also commending her release is Reporters Without Borders, and if Ms. Saberi’s unjust prosecution troubles you, RWB has many other, similar stories that have not ended as happily, including that of Yusef Bey IV of Your Black Muslim Bakery in Oakland, who would appear to have ordered the murder of reporter Chuancey Bailey, and other such outrages around the world. By their count, 19 journalists have been killed since the beginning of this year, and 66 “cyberdissidents imprisoned.” Photo via NPPA.