Culinary Landmarks of Upstate New York


Not sure what the equation on the side of this broken-down orange panel truck means, but I encountered it on the southern edge of Grand Gorge, New York, in the remote northwestern Catskills (click to fully savour).

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Sheffield Farms, a New York City creamery, maintained farms all over the state. This one just north of Bloomville was the first in the country to utilize the pasteurization techniques developed by Louis Pasteur.

Sheffield Farms Creamery, Bloomville, New York

This ancient gnarled apple tree may have been planted by Johnny Appleseed near Jefferson, New York. It has a scary face and is on the verge of being in full bloom.

Lachmann’s Bakery in Saugerties was once the pastry pride of the Catskills. The place closed a couple of years ago, only to be replaced by a more modern establishment called Hudson Valley Dessert Company, but using the same old glass display cabinets. Luckily, the German-style round coffee cake is still available, though now overshadowed by biscotti and over-frosted cupcakes.

The dairy cows in this herd near the hamlet of Hardscrabble are mainly Holsteins, with a couple of Gurnseys thrown in. A pair of adolescent cows look at us quizzically.