John Lennon Show at Rock Annex: Death Clothes, Ono Phone, Stiller Memories


Lots of coverage today for the upcoming “John Lennon: The New York City Years” show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex in Soho. Yoko Ono’s been publicizing it, and adds a personal touch with a piece of her own, “Telephone,” in which annex-goers are encouraged to answer a ringing telephone — and will find Yoko Ono at the other end of the line, live, ready to converse. Be prepared! Among the memorabilia on display will be Lennon lyrics, his green card, and a bag of his clothing retrieved from the hospital on the night of his murder in 1980. Lamest publicity tie-in: After Lennon was shot, Ben Stiller says, he went to the vigil outside the Dakota. (So, of course, did the rest of the city at the time.) Grace note: On May 16, for some reason, Liverpool Cathedral will play “Imagine” on its church bells. Most respondents to a church newspaper poll are against it — the song is, after all, frankly anti-religion — but Lennon is a native son and the church is going ahead with the tribute. Our all-time favorite Lennon in New York story here. Photo (cc) orsorama.