Mayor Scoffs at Nanny State Signs


The mayor signed three bills on Friday: one about brownfields blah blah, one about youth rehabilitation blah blah, and Intro 986-A, requiring signs to be posted at city facilities to warn children of “hot surfaces” in the summer.

This led to an unusual speech by the mayor:

“When I grew up,” he said, “we didn’t have signs. People knew that a metal slide, when it was in the sun, was going to be hot, or that the tiles around the pool were going to be hot, but apparently something has changed and we now need legislation to do that. I’ll leave it at that.”

Later he added, “maybe the next step will be that when it’s raining we’ll tell them the surfaces will be wet, and when it’s winter the surfaces will be cold. Well, I mean if you’re gonna warn ’em about heat.” Then he mentioned an anecdote he’d heard at dinner about a kid putting his tongue to a frozen pole (maybe one of the Mayor’s dinner companions was talking about A Christmas Story), which inspired him to observe, “You’d think he’d learn, it’s a good life experience lesson rather than a sign. But no tongues in the winter.”

We can’t say that we disagree with the Mayor on this ridiculous bit of nannyism. However: isn’t he the same guy who gave us the smoking and trans-fat bans? Why, when we were growing up…