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Mexican Food in the Village in ’63?


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July 11, 1963, Vol. VIII, No. 38

Tortilla Flat, Mexican Food

130 Seventh Ave. South-Sheridan Square, 224 Thompson Street


Soup (cup) .25
Tacos, beef or chicken .35, Mexican sausage .40
Two Tostados and Beans (chicken or beef) .90
Chicken & Rice 1.25
Chicken Mole 1.50
Refried Beans .30
Chile Con Carne with Rice .65
Two Franks with Chile .75
One Frank .50
One Tamale (with Chili con carne and rice) .75
Comb. Plate (taco, enchilada, rice & beans) 1.15
Lettuce, Tom. .30
Order Rice .30
Cider .25
Coffee .15
Soda .15

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