Naked Chef Coming to a Fat City Near You; Snake Head Found in TGI Friday’s Meal


A diner at a T.G.I. Friday’s in upstate New York found a severed snake head in his vegetables. The head was the size of a thumb, with part of the spine still attached. The restaurant comped him and his companion the meal.
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With shoppers trading down from brand names to store brands, food companies like Kraft and Nestle are trying to play up the value aspect of their products. Reckitt Benckiser is responding to the trend with a 20-ounce bottle of French’s Classic Yellow mustard priced less than the 14-ounce bottle.
[NY Times]

Naked chef Jamie Oliver is teaming up with Ryan Seacrest for a new show that prescribes new diets to entire cities. Inspired by Oliver’s UK show about improving school lunches, each episode will feature Oliver in one of America’s fattest cities trying to improve local eating habits.

Following an EU ban on a number of chemicals, lettuce farmers and supermarkets in Europe are now using ladybug larvae and wasps as natural alternatives to harsh chemical pesticides. These insects eat pests like the greenfly, whitefly and mealy bug.
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Congress is considering offering employers tax incentives for their wellness programs, as well as the authority to reward employees for healthy behavior, such as eating well, exercising, losing weight and quitting smoking.
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