“Spitzer” Joins “Paterson” on SNL


Are we awful for enjoying the Saturday Night Live Paterson gags? They’re certainly dopey, focusing as they do on Paterson’s blindness, drug and sex history, and epochal unpopularity. And New Jersey! But we like dopey sketches, and are pleased that Fred Armisen has found a political character that he can actually do. And this week he was joined by Bill Hader as Eliot Spitzer, who gets the robot voice right and enables a bunch of stupid prostitute jokes. What do you want, sparkling satire? Albany’s malfeasances haven’t been sophisticated enough to warrant anything more highbrow than this. A puppet show with Kevin Parker beating up a photographer and Hiram Monserrate beating up his girlfriend would be more appropriate. So let’s go ahead and have our cheap laughs. It’s not as if we can get rid of these idiots by voting.