Staten Island Thieves Smarten Up, Use ATM Cams to Steal $500G


Staten Island, home of the world’s worst bank robber, is now the target of a savvier band of thieves who are wanted by the NYPD for stealing from than $500,000 from local Sovereign Bank customers. According to the police, the pudgy-looking thieves (see photo) installed card skimmers and pinhole cameras on branch ATMs that filmed their victims punching in their passwords. They then used the info they gleaned to make fake bankcards and withdraw cash from the accounts of more than 250 people. The head of the NYPD’s special investigations unit told the Daily News that these guys are “sophisticated,” and so they are, especially compared to other Staten Island criminals (e.g., from the Staten Island Advance, April 20: “Staten Islander arrested after cops find him passed out behind wheel with rifle on lap“). Sovereign Bank is apparently in the process of reimbursing its customers, and the thieves are still at large.