Tofu Takedown–Soy Many Desserts


We attended the Tofu Takedown this past Sunday, held at Highline Ballroom and hosted by Matt Timms of Chili (as well as Bacon, Fondue and Cookie) Takedown fame. This one was for the herbivores, of which we decidedly are not, but we went with an open mind and empty belly in the hopes of being dazzled by at least a few of the 17 competitors. Strangely, most of the entries were desserts with only three of the 17 being savory. And, predictably, two of the savories were awarded the popular vote… there’s only so much sweet stuff even a vegetarian can take. We liked both these winning recipes–#17: Sara Morrisson’s Ethiopian Empanadas and #12: Mike O’Neil’s Spicy Ginger Tofu. We also liked the winner for Best Interpretation of Current Trends: Eve Dilworth’s Salted Carmel Gelato served on Apple Pear.

We would have liked to see more actual, well, tofu at this event, rather than so many disguised soy entries. Come on, veggies, why not flaunt the tofu pride with great, heaping chunks of the stuff?