Is Obama Any Better Than Carrie Prejean?


My frequent skewering of Miss California, Carrie Prejean, for her inarticulate narrow mindedness has garned lots of debate, but one argument rises from the muck and rings kind of true: “Obama‘s against gay marriage too, dumbass!”

Yes, I happen to know that, and in one of my recent TV appearances, I even noted that Giuliani and Prejean, in their “opposite”-only stance, are aligning themselves “with such arch conservatives as…Obama and Hillary“!

And last year, when I hosted a large gay pride rally in Pennsylvania, I even made myself unpopular by stating that very tidbit to the crowd. After an Obama rep got up and tried to garner votes by saying how pro-gay the candidate was, I took the mike to screech, “Yeah–but he’s against gay marriage!”

But at least Obama’s for civil unions, right? And at least he hasn’t made the anti-gay-marriage thing a full-time campaign, as the rabid Prejean seems to have done. Truth be told, he seems to have stated his stance to soft-pedal his real views and get into office, and as the country shifts towards marriage, no doubt so will he. I honestly doubt that Prejean will make that leap.

Am I just making excuses here? Is the generally self-serving Donald Trump right to invoke this comparison? Is Obama as bad as a disgraced beauty queen?