Photos from USAISAMONSTER’s “Last Show Ever” Featuring Awesome Color, a Shirtless Juiceboxxx, and A Sweaty Mass of Spectators


Justin F. Farrar gushed his respects last week to Brooklyn prog-noise stalwarts USAISAMONSTER, who after 10 years, four full-lengths, two EPs, a stack of CD-Rs, and a zillion cold floors around the globe, are ending their long-revered band. Last Saturday at the Market Hotel was billed as their “Last Show Ever” and photog Rebecca Smeyne documented the steam-room of a finale. One kid passed out and to be taken away by ambulance, but the show continued without interruption. More importantly, how was the curry?

Awesome Color

Juiceboxxx, who announced that right after this show, he was hopping on a bus back to Milwaukee