Quick Hits – 5/12/2009


Hee hee. (h/t Joe my God)

Oprah tells graduates, “It’s great to have a private jet.” Wizbang responds, “Oprah didn’t tell these graduates the truth about their new reality. They live in Obama’s world now,” and Obama will not let them have a private jet unless they are “in The One’s political favor… If you are not, you will be maligned as evil and selfish and he will use the power of his bully pulpit to destroy you.” That’s the real truth celebrity commencement speakers won’t tell you!

Did you know there’s not just that Coyote Ugly on First Avenue (and in that awful movie), but also others in seven southern and western states? They just opened one in Oklahoma City. Hasn’t that city suffered enough?

Manhattan coops and condos for sale down 0.7 percent from March but up 20 percent from April 2008.

And home prices are dropping fast around Wall Street! Why, a condo that was going for $1.64 million in August is now down to $1.3 million!

So far this year, New York airport traffic, bridge and tunnel traffic, and even PATH ridership is down. The subways are still crowded, though.

When your name is so easily mispronounced “Whiner,” you really oughtn’t do things like this.