Stifler Gets Served in Drambuie Pursuit


The Drambuie Pursuit, an adventure race through the Scottish Highlands celebrating the flight of Bonnie Prince Charlie, for whom the secret recipe for Drambuie was created in 1745, took place this past weekend. Seann William Scott, a.k.a. Stifler from the American Pie movies, and his team were edged out by a team from Germany that dubbed themselves the Drambuie Warriors. The 13 competing teams–six American, two Canadian, two German, one Dutch, one Russian and one Brazilian–rock climbed, mountain biked and white-water rafted their way through the 100-mile one-day circuit. The winning team gets an all-expense paid trip to… Scotland! In addition to a stone in their honor placed in the Culloden Battlefield (where the last battle of Prince Charlie took place), the Drambuie Warriors will get to return next year to defend their title.