Strange Snacks of the World–KFC’s Snack Size Bowl


What if a fast food chain selected several of their abject offerings at random, threw them together, and then presented it as a new form of fast food. Ta-Dah! I give you the Kentucky Fried Chicken (oops! I mean KFC) snack bowl. Next, miniaturize it, put it in a styrofoam ashtray to prevent exposing your genitals to radiation from the yellow “cheese,” and you’ve got the Snack Size Bowl, an enduring part of KFC’s Ultimate Value Menu.

A roll call of the tossed-together ingredients: little pieces of bleached chicken with twice their weight in breading, gluey brown gravy, yellow and white cheese (identical save for the color), mashed potatoes, and, mixed in with the potatoes, kernels of corn. It might have been invented by a four year old bent on stirring together all the foods on his plate. Blech!

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