The Cadillac of Instant Noodles?


The nice thing about packaged ramen is that even when you’re paying too much, you’re not paying very much. The bowl of noodle soup that I ate for lunch today cost almost $5 at Sunrise Mart. But it did seem to be the Cadillac of instant noodles–you can see above that it included both shitake and nameko mushrooms (fresh, vacuum-packed with soy sauce), a soup base, dried kelp, bonito, green onion and enoki mushroom, as well as the Japanese chile flake-sesame seasoning. (Four different packets.) I didn’t add anything to it but boiling water. Plus, I’m a sucker for nice packaging.

The noodles themselves were delicious–a hybrid of wheat and rice noodles that I’ve never seen before. They’re nearly transparent and fluttery, with that nice, bland chew that rice noodles have, plus a bit more flavor and earthiness from the wheat. It’s fun to grab a bunch of interesting-looking instant noodles at a proper Japanese market, because so much of the packaging is in Japanese, you’re not sure what you’re getting until you make it.