Vivian Girls’ “Moped Girls” Video: Kickball Katy Gets a Milk Shampoo, Gives Their Ali Drummer a Bloody Nose


Because we are juvenile and uncouth and easily amused, we generally prefer blogging about music videos that star naked people, but we’ll make an exception for the Vivian Girls, since we always do. This one’s called “Moped Girls,” a breezy, under-two-minute tune that’s from a Rough Trade seven-inch split that’s not on their upcoming record’s tentative track list. This clip essentially reaffirms what you already knew about the Vivs–they’re young, they don’t take themselves seriously–so Cassie wears a paper bag over her head, Kickball Katy gets a milk shampoo, and drummer Ali Koehler lands a pie in the face. There’s even a moment that Katy appears to nail Ali offscreen with her bass, leaving Koehler with a watery-thin bloody nose. Could be a knowing reference to the Vivian Girls whole ex-drummer-strife past, could be an Andrew WK nod, but then again, sometimes a fake bloody nose is just a fake bloody nose. Ow. [Gorilla Vs. Bear]