Welcome to Kanye Webst Week


Uh, wow. It’s Kanye Webst Week at the Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab, where they’ve already developed Kanye Vision (above), a tool that puts obtrusively large shutter shades over pretty much everything you look at on the internet. If you drag and drop their app into your toolbar, you’ll have it forever. The site has also developed THE QUOTABLE KANYE… RANDOM YEEZY WISDOM ON EVERY PAGE LOAD!!, which is pretty much self explanatory–go to this page, click refresh a lot, and quotes like “THANK YOU BARBER SHOPS” will pop up at random, ad infinitum. It’s only Tuesday, meaning we’re really just begun KWW–F.A.T. promises that far more additional Kanye rant technology is on the way. [via Rhizome]