Yankee Dirt Sells, but Tix Rebate Not Such a Deal; Mets Attendance Down


Steiner Sports is getting right on that Yankee Stadium detritus auction, announcing today it is immediately commencing an auction of such “timeless Americana” as “1 ft. x 1 ft. pieces of live sod from Yankee Stadium” for $120 and “Final Season Crystals with Genuine Dirt from the original Yankee Stadium” for $80. The auction runs through Friday. Fill your rec room with legendary dirt! You can also buy Yankee dirt outright in such forms as the Brett Gardner 2009 Yankees Mini Dirt Collage, which includes “a container of game used dirt from the inaugural season at Yankee Stadium.” Real estate — they ain’t making any more of it!

Meanwhile Keith Olbermann has gone over that Yankees giveback deal on their unsold premium seats, and finds that it isn’t much of a giveback: “As it is, the Yankees are actually not giving refunds or credits to almost any of their fans,” says the TV commentator. “A Yankee source did say that as many as four ticket-buyers — literally, four customers, in the suites hanging from the upper deck in left and right fields — would wind up with some extra perks. But the source added they weren’t certain: it might only be three customers.” Most fans holding big-ticket tickets are getting extra seats with a worse view, not refunds. (h/t River Avenue Blues.)

Don’t laugh too hard, Mets fans — Citi Field average attendance is down 23.4 percent compared to Shea’s last season. Citi Field has fewer seats, but they observably aren’t selling out much. At least they’re doing better than the Nationals, whose attendance is down 35.2 percent. Photo (cc) affiliate.