Annals of Hilarious Press Releases: “3 Doors Down Go Galactic!”


You wouldn’t know it, but the intrepid cosmonauts above–those valiant heroes drinking coffee, and seeing how far back the ‘ol office chair goes–are part of something greater than themselves. See:

3 Doors Down Go Galactic!

Early this morning, NASA woke the Atlantis crew with the 3 Doors Down hit “Kryptonite” as they began their second day in space journeying to repair the Hubble Space Telescope! Link follows from the official NASA cam:

For more information on 3 Doors Down please visit

Follow that link (the video’s not embeddable) for some stupendously awkward footage of ground control checking various video monitors, tapping pens, and adjusting headsets as “Kryptonite” streams in from hundreds of thousands of miles away, all the way live from the tiny claustrophobic spaceship where NASA is using the song as pilot Greg Johnson’s wake-up music. Thanks B|W|R Public Relations!

In other news, the STS-125 crew had big plans yesterday: they had to wake up early in order to “unberth the Orbiter Boom Sensor System with the shuttle’s robotic arm and use it to scan Atlantis’ thermal protection system and the leading edges of the wings.”