Bartenders Hit the Lawn for a Spot of Croquet & Cocktails


As bankers and office workers watched from their high-rise prisons above, the city’s bartending luminaries gathered on a patch of lawn at 55 Water Street yesterday afternoon to compete in the Hendrick’s Croquet Tournament. Decked out in period costumes ranging from turn-of-the-century petticoats to Prohibition-era pinstripes and fedoras, the cocktail slingers–who are generally not averse to donning a getup–were armed with mallets and pointed in the direction their brightly colored balls were meant to roll.

The competition was stiff: Damon Dyer and Meagan Players from the Flatiron Lounge were narrowly edged out by Ivan Radulovic and Rizo Popovic (pictured above) from Macao Trading Co., who took home the Golden Cucumber Trophy and will get to compete in the nationals in San Francisco this September. Other awards were given out for “most gentlemanly conduct” and “best sporting insult.” Participants and spectators sipped gin cocktails and nibbled on Scotch eggs, baked salmon, and scones and clotted cream. It was nice to see folks who usually spend their days sleeping off the previous night’s work out enjoying the sun.