Emily Spots a Streaker! Eyewitness Describes Nude Man at Mets Game


A skinny white dude streaked his way into history last night when he raced across the ballpark field during the Mets and Braves game, becoming Citi Field’s first streaker.

We were sitting in Modell’s Clubhouse, munching on a hot dog, in the bottom of the fifth when we noticed a man wearing what looked like an orange Speedo*, and nothing else, stumble onto the field on our left and begin sprinting towards second base.

With a bunch of security guards in hot pursuit, the gangly guy slid into second base, which can’t have felt terrific when practically naked. The crowd went wild. He immediately popped up and began running again, only to slip and fall a few seconds later.

That’s when security got him and carried him off the field. The ballplayers appeared nonplussed.

A security guard later told us that Citi Field’s first streaker had been arrested and would be charged with a Class B felony for trespassing on private property. It remained to be seen if he would also be charged with indecent exposure.

(* Photos reveal what appeared to be a Speedo was actually some sort of orange plushy loincloth.)