Ever Do Acid?


Ever take a tab of LSD and fall through a rabbit hole? I did once, way back in the ’80s. Well, not really a whole tab. I know how low-threshold I am for any kind of pharmaceuticals, so when a friend offered me acid, I picked off about a 16th of a regular dose and gulped it down, figuring I might see a few bunnies and an occasional happy tulip in the air while going about my business.

Wrong! Everything immediately became a sickly shade of green and radiated unspeakable menace. I vividly remember becoming convinced that an onion on my friend’s table was going to viciously attack me. I didn’t know who to call–the onion police? Even scarier, when I went to the bathroom, the toilet bowl was obviously trying to suck me into the dark side, so I held it in and ran back to the onion.

I begged my friend to come outside with me, hoping the fresh air would clear up my mind and I’d return to some kind of normalcy where a table would be just a table. Wrong again! The people on the street resembled nebulous creatures from some weird animated sci fi flick, and though they weren’t exactly out to get me, they looked impenetrable and remote, as if they would never notice I existed, even if I pleaded with them for help.

And I needed help fast! The trip had plunged me into an existential feeling of complete aloneness, tapping into my worst paranoias and doubts while making trees into giant tadpoles and restaurants into concentration camps. I thought it would never end, but by the next morning I was started to get my senses back–including the good sense to never go near the shit again.

Anyone else ever have a bad trip? What causes it–the drug itself or what’s inside you that it’s bringing out?