Hillary Addresses NYU Commencement at Yankee Stadium


We don’t know why those NYU kids are protesting. Look, Hillary Clinton came all the way to Yankee Stadium to deliver what appears to have been an anodyne commencement speech to graduates of the expensive university today. (“We can retreat into cynicism, and we know what the result will be,” blah blah, “you’ve made it to the big leagues and you are up to bat,” groan.) And if the concession stands were open, they could have lobster bisque! As for the Secretary of State, this trip to the home of her always-favorite baseball team probably provided a welcome shift from jetting to trouble spots and listening to tapes of herself praising Norman Hsu, on trial now for muscling his investors to contribute to Democrats. She’ll be back in D.C. in time to address the Washington Conference of the Council of Americas at 4:30 p.m.