I Talked To Liza Minnelli!


Yes, darlings, I met my idol, Liza Minnelli, at a Tony nominees’ reception last week, and she was faaaabulous!

“I know you!” Liza said when introduced, promptly sitting down to talk to me as I kneeled at her feet.

I asked Liza how her eye is. (She recently had to cancel out of a Kander & Ebb tribute as a result of trouble with it.). “How does it look?” she asked, effervescently. I stared straight into her face and decided it looked fine, as far as I could tell. “I can’t see out of it because I can’t put my contact lens in there,” she went on, with her uncanny sense of intimacy. I loved having this kind of casual, buddy talk with my idol, Liza! I was gagging!

I told Liza that her Special Event category is bizarre because it’s basically her against Will Ferrell. She looked a little confused, perhaps not knowing who the other nominees are.

We moved to more familiar ground and talked about her godmother Kay Thompson, but in the middle of it, some girl reporter tried to horn in on my interview. “I’m talking to HIM right now,” said Liza, which I thought was super professional and thoughtful.

And when I told Liza I loved the digs in her Broadway show at her ex husband, she said…Well, CLICK HERE and you’ll SEE what she said. The woman has a sense of humor about herself and her choices!

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