Murdering Dad Also Impregnated Daughter


Well, this story just gets worse: Last year Miguel Matias (pictured) told cops he’d killed his 14-year-old daughter Anna. He told them he’d left her strangled corpse in a field, but it turned out he had stuffed it in boiler of the Bronx apartment building he served as super. Despite his confession — and his previous record with children; he had tried to kill Anna, her two brothers, and himself by setting fire to his car with all of them inside — Matias pleaded not guilty, and the prosecution has been taking its course. Today it comes out that Matias’ professed motive — Anna, he had said, was chatting online with a boy, and he didn’t approve — may have been mixed; he had impregnated the girl a few months before strangling her. Lawyers say a plea deal is expected.