Pix from A Taste of Seafood


The whole fried porgy is an irresistible treat at A Taste of Seafood, but who ate the head?

This week, Counter Culture steps into A Taste of Seafood, a Harlem old-timer that moved across the street not long ago, from a narrow shack into a magnificent fast-food-style premises on two glitzy levels. Don’t be fooled by the ambiance, though–the fish still takes a good long time to fry, which is your guarantee that it’s freshly prepared by an awesomely competent staff of frying experts.

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The modernistic new storefront belies the old-fashioned good home cooking done inside.

At the new A Taste of Seafood, the menu has been vastly expanded to include even some unfried things like crab legs and lobster (gasp!). Still, stick with the fried stuff, including amazing chicken wings, whole porgy and snapper, whiting sandwiches (a longtime Harlem fave) slathered with tartar sauce, and, shown at left, a big basket of fried catfish.





Even the okra comes out fried at A Taste of Seafood! 

The exciting new interior, where most customers wait for carryout. There’s a spacious upstairs with no one sitting in it, too, offering panoramic views of 125th Street