Some Pleasantly Schizo New Orleans Flavor for Your Idle Wednesday-Morning Listening


It’s true that the various regional luminaries — Soulja Slim, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Jelly Roll Morton, Wynton Marsalis, Juvenile — who appear on The Slow Death of Mr. Go Go Go: A N’Awlins Mixtape (brought to you by the Earl of Edgecombe) do not exactly mesh seamlessly together on the brief, vibrant extended mash-up available for free right here. Sometimes it’s just rappers and honking brass wantonly butting heads. But that’s fine too, and this is worth it just for the last few minutes, wherein Juvenile’s better-than-you-remember-it “Slow Motion” is intruded upon by both mournful trumpet and N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin’s infamous “Chocolate City” speech. A fine accompaniment to Larry Blumenfeld’s piece for us on the 2009 Jazz & Heritage Festival.