Thank You, Carrie Prejean!


No, seriously! I want to thank the half-a-Miss-California for brightening my world in a variety of ways, not all intentional but definitely all substantial.

Thank you, Carrie for being so narrow minded that your stance blew up into a big media story and I got booked on a kazillion TV shows!

Similarly, thank you for bringing so much traffic to this blog. Even if most of your defenders who came here to crucify me were one chromosome short of an acorn, they still managed to click on the link, and that counts!

Thank you for exposing the absurdity of asking gals to both wear swimsuits AND coherently answer questions, thereby making the whole pageant system even more obsolete than before.

But mostly: Thank you for bringing so much sympathy to the gay cause that you might as well be doing commercials for SAME sex marriage. You have brought more attention to the need for gay equal rights than even anyone in our own ranks. You are our hero! Our Rosa Parks in reverse! Thank you for reals!!!