This tour couldn’t be more simpatico: Opeth and Enslaved are two Scandinavian hair-farming loud rock bands who originated deep in the subgenres of extreme metal (Swedish death-metal and Norwegian black-metal, respectively). Both share a keen passion for ’70s prog-rock that completely reshaped and commercialized (back home, they’re both Grammy winners) the shrieking guitar-driven hell-storm they excel at. Opeth’s newest, Watershed, mixes gothic-folk, angelic-singing, vocal barking, high-math riffage, and power ballads (!)—check their new age-y hit “Coil.” Like Opeth, Enslaved’s most recent, Vertebrae, packs numerous time switcheroos with angular, monolithic six-string creations, but counterweighs the metallic downpour with radiant Pink Floyd–esque psychedelics. Live, both bands’ sweeping soundscapes are faithfully re-created, spanning the highs of Valhalla and the terrors of Hell. Or just picture a sonic sync-up between Led Zeppelin and Rush, continually being pummeled by Slayer, and you’re not too far south of Asgard.

Tue., May 26, 7 p.m., 2009