Women Want New Trial After Cops Who Helped Stricken Judge are Cleared


Last week, two cops on trial for false arrest sprang into action when the judge on their case fainted suddenly at his bench. They got him comfortable, checked his pulse, and called 911. The judge recovered and the jury found the cops, William Higgins and Thaddeus Niksa, not guilty. That would seem to be that — except the two women who brought the case, Tyniera and Shanair Hogan, now want a new trial, claiming the officers’ heroics prejudiced their case. The women had been arrested after a traffic incident: they say the cops were speeding and almost hit them, leading to a shouting match that got them unjustly arrested. They have since been acquitted.

You can imagine what the cops and cop fans at Thee Rant think of this. “I’m guessing that their shyster, ambulance chaser lawyer must have sold them a bill of goods that had sugar plums, Escalades, designer duds and an escape from the projects dancing in their heads,” says commenter FiftyOneFive Oh.