BREAKING: Bloomberg Bets on Lacrosse!


Mayor Mike Bloomberg has entered into a friendly wager with Calgary Mayor David Bronconnier. The two men are betting on tomorrow’s championship lacrosse game between the New York Titans and the Calgary Roughnecks.

If the Titans win, we are told, Mayor Bronconnier will send Mayor Bloomberg “world famous Alberta beef, Italian sausage from Spolumbo’s Fine Foods and Deli in Inglewood and beer from Calgary’s own BigRock Brewery.” If the Roughnecks win, Mayor Bloomberg will send Mayor Bronconnier “Irish stew and shepherd’s pie from Mary’s Celtic Kitchen in Woodlawn, stuffed grape leaves, mousaka and spinach pie from Pinocchio Palace in Astoria, and an assortment of meats and cheeses from Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.”

Bloomie is feeling confident: “The Titans have been at the top of their game,” he says, “and that was before Mayor Bronconnier began waving red meat and beer in front of them.”

Great to have the mayor support the home team, but is he also commiting a crime? According to Sec. 5-401 of the New York Consolidated Laws, “All wagers, bets or stakes, made to depend upon any race, or upon any gaming by lot or chance, or upon any lot, chance, casualty, or unknown or contingent event whatever, shall be unlawful.”

Maybe Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will take a break from his Craigslist beatdown to deal with this new scandal. Where’s Spitzer when you need him?